DU Land Sales

Nebraska Kearney County Grassland and Wetland Parcel

Ducks Unlimited will be selling a Kearney County parcel of wetlands and restored native grassland during a live auction (Sale Flyer) on Dec. 10 beginning at 10 a.m. at the 4-H Building on the Kearney County Fairgrounds in Minden, Neb. The property is 78.48 acres +/- and is located 1.5 miles south, one mile west and one-half mile south of Minden, Neb. The property lies in Nebraska’s Rainwater Basin, one of the most important migration habitats in the Central Flyway and a primary destination for waterfowl hunters and bird watchers.

The tract is under a conservation easement that allows a number of uses, including grazing, haying after July 15 and a variety of recreational uses, including hunting, bird watching and hiking. The buyer maintains all hunting and access rights to the property. The property has a brand new livestock fence around the entire perimeter. The land also has a new livestock well (electric) and watering tank. There is a 1.5 HP submersible pump capable of producing 20 GPM installed. The pump is controlled by a float system so manual on/off operation is not required. The buyer assumes all ownership of the improvements.

The tract’s perpetual conservation easement is held by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The easement ALLOWS grazing at any time and at any intensity. The easement ALLOWS haying, mowing and seed harvesting after July 15 each and every year. The easement ALLOWS hunting, fishing and trapping, all of which are controlled by the landowner. The landowner is responsible for noxious weed control and property taxes and other assessments. The easement PROHIBITS plowing, disking or otherwise altering the grasslands and wetlands without prior approval. The easement PROHIBITS draining, filling with dirt, land leveling or any other activity that damages or harms the wetlands on the property. The easement PROHIBITS the planting of agricultural crops. The property does not contain any certified irrigated acres.

The current taxes are based on DU’s entire ownership, which is 160 acres. Plus, the property is taxed as irrigated cropland. The property being sold has been in grass for three years and the new owner has the ability to change the classification to grass with the county assessor, which would likely have a significant impact on the assessed amount and resulting property taxes. DU will pay the 2012 property taxes at closing, based on an estimate of taxes to be obtained from the assessor.



Contact Information:
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
Great Plains Regional Office
Steve Donovan
(308) 383-8075

Auction information: The property will be sold at public auction on Monday, Dec. 10 at 10 a.m. in at 4-H Building in the Kearney County Fairgrounds in Minden, Neb.

Winning Bids and Terms: 20 percent down payment on the sale date, with balance due on or before January 10, 2013. Ducks Unlimited will pay the 2012 property taxes at closing, based on an estimate of taxes to be obtained from the County Assessor.

Seller Financing: No seller financing is being offered. The property is offered without buyer contingency of any kind.

Property Tours: Ducks Unlimited may provide guided tours of the property in advance of sale date if personnel are available. Call 308-383-8075 for more information.

Come check it out! (See Detailed Location Map)

Legal Description: The legal description is roughly N ½ of SE 1/4, except the south 33’ thereof, of Section 26, T. 6 N., R. 15 W. of the 6th P.M. , Kearney County, Nebraska.




Disclaimer: All parcels/property are or will be permanently protected with US Fish and Wildlife Service Wetland and Grassland Easements. For those parcels under request to be permanently protected by USFWS and not complete, the Buyer will be required to sign an “Affidavit of Prior Knowledge” at the time of signing the Purchase Agreement.

Square footage dimensions and acreage amounts are based upon information provided by the Seller and are believed to be correct; however, Purchaser and/or Purchaser's Agent/Broker shall bear the responsibility to confirm all calculations prior to the auction. Not available to residents of any state in which this real estate is not in compliance with the real estate laws or other laws of that state. The auctioneer/auction company shall not be responsible or liable in any way if the seller fails to honor any bid, or refuses to or cannot close title in accordance with the winning bid or any contract entered in respect thereof. Announcements made at the auction supersede all printed material. All information contained in this PIP was derived from sources believed to be correct, but is not guaranteed. Ducks Unlimited, Inc. is not liable for loss of bids due to power outages and/or any technology failures.